Meeting Reviews

May 2015
Our May meeting was held at the home of Greg & Lynn Morris in Kalamazoo.  Greg talked about their filtration system and winterization.  Don gave the AKCA report, back issues of KOI USA are available from Ken.  Ron & Irene were presented with the Koi Persons of the Year award.  Kim won the door prize again, a Lavender Monkey Flower plant.

June 2015
Bob & Laurie Bushouse were our hosts.  They told us about the development of their koi pond, and the evolution of their overwintering structure over many years.  Ken gave the AKCA report and next month we'll plan our club Koi Photo Contest.  Greg won the door prize, a Black Magic Taro (Kim wasn't there).  Next month we will meet at the Evans'.

July 2015
Meeting was held at the home of Mike & Dana Evans in Hudsonville.  Ken gave the AKCA report.  Congratulations was given to Bob & Joan Finnegan on their retirement after 40 years of leading AKCA!  Our Koi Photo Contest will be in October, and our Christmas party on November 21 at the Grandvilla Restaurant.  We look forward to the White Elephant gift exchange.  Our August meeting will be at the new Japanese Gardens at the Meijer Botanic Garden and Sculpture Park.  Mike talked about the construction of their pond.  They also had a nice photo album and underwater video with a go-pro.

August 2015
Don't forget to take pictures for our October meeting.  Wow!  We had a private tour of the new DeVos Japanese Garden at the Frederik Meijer Gardens.  It was hosted by Greg Afman, their lead horticulturist.  Construction was by Hoichi Kurisu and his team, a two year effort.  Greg, who is from Grand Rapids, has spent quite a few years studying gardens in Japan.  It was hard to believe this could be built in only two years.  It covers a total of 8 acres and used many boulders, many the size of a Volkswagon!  Fitted into groves of existing trees, the new plants and many waterfalls make this truly a remarkable place.

September  2015
Ron and Irene Buit hosted our meeting.  I think they take the prize for having the most varieties of perennial plants, all planted in a very pleasing garden - which is their entire yard!  Members were reminded to take photos of their koi for the October meeting.  We need a new webmaster, please contact Don.  We also need a committee for the Spring Home and Garden Show which we will discuss next month.  We also need nominations for President, Secretary, and Koi Person of the Year.

October 2015
Don and Mary hosted this meeting.  We still need nominations for President, Secretary, and Koi Person of the Year.  These will be elected at our November meeting.  We had a lot of discussion on being a part of the January Remodeling Show or the March Home and Garden Show.  The Home and Garden Show won.  Kate will be the chairperson of the committee.  Ken and Don also volunteered to help.  Time to RSVP for the Christmas party next month.  Our program was our Annual Photo Contest.  Ken informed us of what judges look for in Koi.  Houtman's Ogon was the #1 winner, #2 was their Sanke, and #3 was Monje's Sanke.  After the voting Don gave a talk on feeding fish at this time of the year.

November 2015
Officers were elected:  Don Apol, President; Kim Monje, Secretary; Dave Parrotte, Koi Person of the Year.  After a wonderful dinner we had our white elephant exchange, one gift was actually a white elephant!  Until next spring, starting in April, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

March 2016

​We had a good display at the Grand Rapids Home and Garden Show, March 3-6, and received a list of 39 people interested in our club.  Notices will be sent to them of our April meeting at which time we hope to sign up new members.  A BIG thanks to Chairperson Kate and all those who helped take part in this show.  


May 2016

We had our meeting at the residence Of Bob and Laurie Bushoues. As always good people, good food and good conversation.Laurie educated us on the importance of keeping a log.It's good to know what you did and more importantly when. you did it.

425 gallon [full to the brim] show tank 

Bob and Laurie's KOI

April 2016​

Our first meeting of this year was a success.  The weather was sunny and warm and meeting was hosted by Don and Mary Apol.   We had a group of 25, including our newest members Matt and Jessica.  Thanks to John who served as auctioneer for our annual spring auction.  We enjoyed a good meal, good conversation, and had a great time.  Lexie presented our library.  There is a lot of good information in our books, magazines and videos.  Library list will be emailed to members and if interested Lexie will take along books to the next meeting.  Our next meeting will be held May 21 in Kalamazoo MI at the home of Bob and Laurie Bushouse.

June 2016

This month's meeting was held at the Apol,s because of scheduling problems.[ They had the place cleaned up for a tour anyway] the club decided to sell our blue show tanks the next meeting will be at the Monje's.